September 19

RC Planes Beginners Choice – Arising Star Trainer Reviewed

Seagull Arising Star Trainer

Seagull arising star
Seagull Arising star

This review is of interest mainly to those of you who wish to go down the Nitro/Glow Power option. Having said that, with a little help, it would not be difficult to adapt this model for Electric Flight.

On opening the box there was a pleasant surprise. The contents were nicely packed and were extensively prefabricated. Good instructions are provided .

At first sight, this appears to be an ideal rc planes beginners choice.

Pre Assembled Components

Tubes for push rods were ready fitted for all control surfaces along with the same for throttle and front wheel steering. Everything was well assembled without glue gun excesses.

The aileron hinges were nicely pinned so that there is no chance of them pulling out in flight. A motor mount suitable for most 2 and 4 strokes in the recommended engine size range was ready fitted.

The nose gear wire leg had a flat nicely filed to take the steering horn in the correct position.

Final Assembly

The fuselage sides and wing centre section skinning are not made of balsa but some light weight thin harder wooden material. This is stiffer than balsa so be careful when cutting it as it is fairly brittle and could split.

Assembly was quite quick and simple following the maker’s instructions. Although the EZ connector type links for the control surfaces are different, they Arising star wing tubedo work well but be sure to read the instructions carefully.

The only modification I did was to join the two wing halves over the joiner to make a one piece wing. I did this by coating the centre ribs with epoxy as well as the joiner before bringing them together to set.

I was very careful to ensure that the trailing edge of each wing met correctly and were clamped together to ensure the correct alignment of the panels. I decided that the supplied tape for holding the wing halves together was no longer required so this was discarded. So far this has been proved totally satisfactory. An SC46 two stroke engine was fitted with an 11 x 7 Master prop. Arising Star engine installation

First Flight

Since we have a good runway with a smooth surface, I used the lightweight factory supplied wheels. If you need to fly off grass these could be exchanged for slightly larger wheels but be sure to go for light weight versions.

I had heard some reports that the nose leg wire would bend quite easily but it seems that an improvement has been made in this area. The undercarriage wire was very solid and held up well to a couple of bouncy landings.

The first flight was uneventful. After a good roll-out a smooth lift-off was achieved at about 3/4 power. A little down trim was required to fly level at half throttle training speed. Even at 1/3rd throttle she remained stable with no tendency to stall whilst holding a very small amount of up elevator that could be trimmed in for slower flight.

This model flies very smoothly, turns easily with only a small amount of up elevator necessary for the steeper turns. Loops, barrel rolls and some inverted flight were all carried out with ease.

Landing was relatively easy. The plane slows down to idle speed without stalling or dropping a wing and remains very controllable right down to the ground.


All in all, a very nice stable platform for any beginner to rc model flying who has chosen to go down the Nitro/Glow engine power route.

Becoming an R/C pilot won’t cost you an arm and a leg with the Arising Star Trainer. Built mainly from top-quality light balsa and ply and covered with genuine Hangar 9 Ultracote, the Arising Star is anything but cheaply made.

Assembly takes just a few evenings and all the hardware needed to finish putting it together is included.

The Arising Star’s gentle, self-righting, flight characteristics make it easy to master the basics of radio controlled flight. The above characteristics and affordable price make the Arising Star outstanding value and a great rc planes beginners choice of  for anyone looking to earn their wings.

Arising Star Basic Specifications:-

  • Wingspan – 63ins (160cm)
  • Wing area – 645 sq.ins (41.6 dm.sq)
  • Suits – 40-46 2-stroke. (52 4-Stroke)
  • 4 channel RC with 4 servos

Please note, to complete your model, you will also need:

Radio Gear


Epoxy Glue


Fuel Lines


Starting Equipment

You can purchase this kit on line by clicking the following link:- Seagull Arising Star 

Come back soon for another page of essential rc flight know how.