June 15

Futaba 6J

 6-channel 2.4GHz Computer Radio System

Blazing Speed. Red-hot Value

In S-FHSS mode, the 6J’s frame rate is just 6.8ms, a response speed unmatched by any other 6-channel flight S-FHSSsystem. But the 6J isn’t just about speed; it’s also one of the best values you’ll find anywhere.

It’s an easy and natural step up from a 4-channel system. And if you already own a 6-channel, it’s a solid investment with a range of high-end features that goes far beyond what you’d expect. Start with 15-model memory. Throttle and pitch curves for airplanes as well as helis. Electronic swash ring for helis, as well as four swashplate options.

And with the blazing speed, absolute affordability and unequaled value, the 6J also offers the rock-solid security and Futaba 6J Txdependability of Futaba FHSS technology.

R2006GS Receiver

The R2006GS auto-adapts to the transmission mode selected, whether it’s FHSS or high-speed S-FHSS mode. And since it operates on a wide range of voltage, you don’t need a regulator even if you use a 2S, 7.4V LiPo pack as a power source.

Futaba r2006GS Receiver

System features

15-model memory

4-character model naming

Simple 1-lever/3-button programming

Data reset

Airplane & heli software


Mode 1-4 selectable

127-segment, 40 x 40 LCD

Digital trims/trim memory

Endpoint adjustment (EPA), sub-trims & servo reversing

Dual rates & exponential (ail/ele/rud)

Fail-safe (all channels; in S-FHSS mode only)

Throttle cut

Trainer system (cord required)

Throttle position, mix & low battery warnings

Up/down & model timer

Range check mode

R2006GS S-FHSS Receiver

Airplane Features

2 programmable mixes, plus:

(2) 5-point throttle curves

(2) 5-point pitch curves

Flaperon w/differential rate

Flap trim (2 rates)

V-tail mixing

Elevon mixing

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