June 14

RC Plane Motors

How are you feeling so far? Is all this making sense to you? I do hope so.

Now you have to decide the type of rc plane motors you prefer. You have two choices:-

IC, Nitro or Glow Engine


Electric Motor

Whichever you chose there are implications that need to be considered. Glow Engines  require fuel, glow plugs, fuel tanks, plumbing, tuning and produce a considerable amount of oily residue that needs to be cleaned off at the end of a flying session. The model requires special fuel proofing to avoid ingress of fuel and oil into the structure. They also produce a considerable amount of noise which, unless carefully monitored and silenced, could be responsible for losing flying sites!

Electric Motors  should to be treated with respect and you will need to understand the implications of power consumption and how to avoid excessive heat generation within the electronic components of the power train. Although these motors don’t use liquid fuel, they do need batteries capable of delivering the high currents required to fly the model. Such batteries have to be charged between flights so you will need a charger suited to the type of batteries you will use.

By the way, should you wish to ask a question you can post it in the comments box at the foot of the appropriate page. I will do my very best to answer your query. If you have questions, you can bet your life someone else will be thinking along similar lines so we could be providing answers not just for you but for others also.

Let’s take the choice of RC Plane Motors in the order I have listed them. (Click on the title below to visit the appropriate page)

Glow Engines


Electric Motors




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