June 15

Glow Engines

Here we see an isometric view typical of glow engines suitable for the size of trainers we have selected. This is typical of a large range of such power units available on the open market.


nitro-engine drawing

(Click on image for  a larger view)

Just as with radio gear, there are some favoured manufacturers and so I will limit discussion to a few of these proven products.


Thunder Tiger


Super Custom (SC)


There are many more and once again opinions vary according to users experiences. I have listed some of the more popular types here but if you join your local club you may find a preponderance of another brand or brands that are favoured by the members.

Most trainers are designed around engines with a capacity of 0.40 cu.ins. (6.55 cu. cms.) to 0.46 cu. ins. (7.54 cu. cms.). For this reason I will limit the selection to types in this capacity range.

Such engines are generally capable of powering planes up to around 6lbs (2.7Kg) weight with power to spare. Cruising at half to two thirds throttle setting is ideal for training purposes. The extra power is useful for emergency situations or for simple aerobatics as you progress.

The following are my selection of glow engines from the manufacturers mentioned above:-




Thunder Tiger GP-42

Thunder Tiger GP-42


Magnum XLS 46Magnum  XLS 46


SC 46A

Super Custom (SC) 46A


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