June 14

RC Plane Tool Kit

There will be occasions when you will need to make some physical adjustments to your plane before, between or after flights. This will involve the use of a simple rc plane tool kit that you need to have handy. There is nothing more frustrating than finding you need to make such adjustments but have forgotten to bring with you the tools you need to effect them.

Below is a list of basic tool requirements that will make you reasonably self sufficient for this purpose:-

2 x Medium size screwdrivers (1x Crosshead, 1 x Flathead)

1 x Small flathead screwdriver 

1 x Small crosshead screwdriver

1 x Small adjustable spanner

1 x Prop nut spanner

1 x Glow plug spanner 

1 x Modelling knife with spare blades

1 x Set of small metric hex head keys (Allen Keys)

1 x Small pliers

A small bottle or tube of CA glue

Small tubes of two part, fast setting, Epoxy Glue

Some of these tools will have been covered in the pages describing accessories for either Glow engines or Electric motors. This list is a more general selection of equipment required whether you choose to fly Glow or Electric.

It can be embarrasing for a newcomer to go begging the loan of simple tools when situations demand them. On the other hand, your modelling colleagues will be suitably impressed if you turn up to fly with a good compliment of essentials in your rc plane tool kit. To coin the old Boy Scouts motto:- Be Prepared”.

Small Adjustable Spanner
Small Adjustable Spanner




Prop driver & Glow Plug Spanner
Prop driver & Glow Plug Spanner








Medium & Small Crosshead Screwdrivers
Medium & Small Crosshead Screwdrivers


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