September 28

Know Your RC Airplanes Flying Site

In the excitement and anticipation of that first flight it is very easy to become oblivious to the field and its surrounding topographical features. It is most important that you take stock and familiarise yourself with your rc airplanes flying site. Model aeroplanes can cover considerable ground and it is not unusual to hear of planes ending up in the top of nearby trees.

Plane in Tree

Another hazard you may have to take account of are overhead power lines.

Plane in wires

Many flying sites are surrounded by woodland and have large buildings close by.

Flying Site 1

Flying Site 2

Flying Site 3

The photos here are fairly typical of sites to be found around the UK and similar surroundings will be found in nearly every country where model flying is popular.

You will need to make yourself familiar with local conditions that include prevailing wind directions, location of the sun in the sky at different times of day and the location of the pits and car parking. Your club rules will advise as to forbiden flying areas. Some clubs will vary the pitting area depending on wind direction. This may mean that positioning of obstructions affect take off and landing approaches. Observe the chosen direction of take off and landing for the day.

Check where it is safe to fly and how to avoid flying into the sun. Carefully watch how other models are flying, how they take off and how they land. Do the prevailing wind conditions cause problems for other fliers? Is the wind gusty or smooth?

Once again, the prevailing wind direction can result in having to take off or land over a boundary fence. I have lost count of the number of times I have seen pilots fail to take account of such an obstruction and end up with their plane lodged in a fence or hedge.

For the learner wind speed and direction and weather conditions in general are key concerns. Nearby trees or large buildings can effect wind causing it to be turbulent. Talk to club members about how local wind conditions affect flying. In the early days your tutor will make decisions on your behalf as to the practicality of flying.

Well, we’ve just about come to the end of our model preparation programme. You now have a plane ready to learn with, you know your rc airplanes flying site and if you’ve taken account of all the tips contained in this site, you should be good to go.

This is not the end of the story so far as I am concerned. I have prepared a blog post where I will be regularly presenting information on new trends and products, skills and techniques to help your progression. So if you have enjoyed this site and found it useful then I hope you will continue to follow me by visiting:-

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