June 11

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I have attempted to bring together a collection of Radio Control Model Aircraft suppliers where you should be able to scource all of the products discussed in this website. If you decide to purchase from any of these suppliers, please understand that I will receive a small reward from them for helping them find your business and fulfil your requirements. Should you decide to follow my recommendations, let me say thank you in advance for your trust in my advice.


This company can supply a wide range of modelling products and makes a good first place to visit. Just click on this banner to visit their on-line UK store.

When you reach their home page just type into the search box: “RC Model Trainer Aircraft”. This will take you to a list of products that includes suitable kits for your purpose. From here you can continue your search for other items discussed in my pages. Have fun.

If you prefer to visit the USA Amazon store then you need to click on the banner below:


Our next link is to a prominent British on-line model supplier. This company carries a vast range of rc model aircraft kits and accessories. Just click on their name above to visit their website. I can particularly recommend the following trainers:

Seagull Jumper 25-32 Trainer

Seagull Arising Star V2 40 – 46

Seagull boomerang V2 40 – 46

Seagull EP E-Pioneer Trainer

Seagull EP Boomerang 25E



This company provides many types of craft related products, from paper craft to Knitting and Woodcraft. Our area of interest is their wide range of Craft Tools, many of which will be appropriate for your use. Click on the banner below and when you arrive at their site enter “Craft Tools” in the search box at the top of their home page.



This supplier is a very interesting one. Their main warehouse and headquarters are in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Don’t let that put you off though. The range of products they handle is highly impressive and includes some of the most respected names in the world of Radio Control Modelling.

They deliver worldwide and offer free shipment for airplanes to US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Here is one of the trainers that I highly recommend that is available from HobbyGulf:


seagull Boomerang

For those of you aiming to use electric power I can highly recommend the following motor which I have used myself:


EMP C3548 900Kv

Match this with  this Electronic Speed Controller for a great system:


These are just three items that are readily available from this supplier.  They are particularly handy for Middle Eastern and Mediterranean readers. I’m sure you’ll find their site very user friendly and their postal service is second to none. Check them out.


HiModel was established in 2003, it is one of the largest yet fastest-growing RC hobby supplier and exporter in China, specialising in R/C electric accessories and general parts. HiModel is known for its professionalism, efficiency, good service and competitive prices.

They have established very good relationships with all major R/C manufacturers in China. They can bridge the gap between you and Chinese R/C manufacturers with their very competitive prices.

Visit their site by clicking their logo:-


Himodel logo

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